Like That?

How many “important” things are you dealing with right now, and what will happen when you focus on accomplishing them one-at-a-time?

Another Blessing For You

If you were going to offer a blessing to someone, who would it be and what would you write or say to them?

On the Nature of Light

When you allow yourself to become intentional enough to spend time standing in your own light, what positive changes do you notice?

Rethinking Hope

Are you willing to allow your circumstances to dictate your feelings of hope and your options and the way you live your life, or will you create your own options by reaching inside for the hope that is always in you?

In My Other Voice

Whether it’s poetry or something entirely different, what things inspire you and speak to your heart?

Still Standing

Having lived through all you have suffered or endured or survived, what do you know to be true about most essential self?

The Balance of Push and Pull

In what healthy ways might you step back and “let go” for a while before you choose your next right action, even if that “action” is to do nothing more than remain calm and still inside?

Still In Awe

What things inspire you or bring you to a sense of awe, and what happens when you experience it?

Easing Into The New Year

What is your vision of yourself in the new year? From within yourself, what changes will you make to bring your vision into reality?