What Do I Really Know

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Isn’t it amazing how good questions lead us so naturally to good answers and how beautiful questions lead to even better answers! Each time we open ourselves to the things we don’t know, we’ve opened the doors to discovery and wonder and greater understanding.

I’m Scott Lennox and you’re listening to The Beautiful Question, a consideration of things that matter every day.

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This week, we’ll reconsider a topic we’ve looked at before. It’s one that’s worth revisiting over and over. The question is, “Without guessing or pretending, and without making assumptions or excuses, what do we really know?”

Join me as we take a deeper look. I promise it will be worth your time.

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Years ago, I had a good friend who greeted people with the question, “What do you know?” instead of “Hello” or “How are you?” Since the first time he asked me that question, it’s been rolling through my head over and over. And so have more than a few valuable realizations that arose because of his beautiful question.

When it comes right down to it, “What do I really know?” is one of the most essential questions anyone can ask.

What do I know without making assumptions?

What do I know without taking someone else’s word for it?

What do I know without turning a blind eye to it?

What do I know without exaggerating or minimizing it?

What do I innately know from the inside-out?

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As I’ve done before, I spent time this week sitting in stillness and consciously attuning myself to my inner ear. Naturally, it wasn’t long before my question was answered. It wasn’t like hearing a physical voice. Clear though quiet and subtle, it was the undeniable voice of my inner knowing, a faculty that is always available to each of us.

The trick is being willing to stop and listen.

Here is some of what arose in my awareness. As you listen to your own wisdom, I look forward to hearing what you discover.


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I know exactly who and what I am.

I know myself at my deepest core.

I know that I am sacred.

I know that I am irreplaceable.

I know that my value is not based on any outer thing.

I know my place within the human family.

I know I am connected to all of life, near and far away.

I know how powerful I am.

I know my limitations.

I know what I believe and what I don’t.

I know what I stand for.

I know what my values are.

I know what is right for me and what isn’t.

I know when I am in resonance with myself.

I know when I have stepped out of resonance.

I know how to bring myself back into balance.

I know when a relationship is right for me.

I know when it isn’t.

I know the right foods to eat to nourish myself.

I know the ones to avoid or minimize.

I know how much sleep is right for me.

I know when I’m not getting enough of it.

I know when I am lying to myself or someone else.

I know when I am burying anger or fear or frustration or regret.

I know the full range of my emotions.

I know when I am too isolated from other people.

I also know when I need to give myself a break from them.

I know when I am using something or someone addictively.

I know how to end that addiction for my own good.

I know the gifts that I have been given.

I know my own limits and shortcomings.

I know when I am giving in to something that isn’t right for me.

I know what my deepest dreams are.

I know how to stop and listen.

I know when I am too hungry, angry, lonely, or tired.

I know when to bring myself to a stop and attend to those things.

I know when and how to get moving again.

I know when it’s time to step away.

I know when it’s time to step in or lean in.

I know how to use my authentic voice.

I know when to be silent.

I know how to love and respect myself.

I know how to love and respect others.

I know how to keep going and not give up.

I know when and how to stop and rest.

I know that each moment I am alive is a sacred gift.

I know that I am a walking miracle.

I know how to stay present.

And as always, I know that this list is only a beginning.

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This week’s single Beautiful Question is about listening deeply and then putting our knowing into action. As you are already aware, it’s one thing to know something; it’s quite another to put it into action. Here’s my question:

What things will naturally take place when you listen to your deepest truth and then stand on the strong foundation of your inner knowing, without compromising, apologizing, or holding back?

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As I said earlier, I would love to hear your ideas and realizations about the things you know. Write and tell me about them.

As I say each time,
My Light with Your Light!

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I’m happy we can engage this way as we consider things that matter and what to do about them. If nothing else, I hope you feel inspired to look more deeply at ways of caring for yourself.

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I’m Scott Lennox, and this has been The Beautiful Question.

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The Beautiful Question is a One Light production, written, produced, and engineered by Scott Lennox at HeartRock Studios in Fort Worth, Texas, as a way of paying forward to life, being fully present, becoming better engaged with things that truly matter in a complex world, and committing to a healthier future for all of us.

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