Scott Lennox

Founder and Host, The Beautiful Question Weekly Podcast

As one of the Renaissance people, defining Scott Lennox is a challenge. Fitting him into a single category is impossible. He balances a thriving counseling a consulting practice with creating his weekly podcasts and an array of other interests ranging from drawing and painting to writing poetry and fiction to playing music to furniture building and woodcarving to teaching gourmet cooking. Who knows what he’ll discover next?

“I’m not trying to be larger than life,” he says. “My goal is to be fully alive and to inspire others to find the best within themselves and engage with life from the place of inner wholeness. The more that happens, the more we can make the world a better place.” After being decorated as a combat medic in Southeast Asia, Scott attended Brite Divinity School at Texas Christian University, serving churches in Texas and Arkansas and hosting a weekly local television program. Following that, he spent twenty years as a commercial photographer, then obtained his master’s degree and an advanced clinical license in Social Work. He worked in hospitals for twenty years, developing and facilitating outpatient psychiatric programs before opening his own counseling and consulting practice in Fort Worth’s hospital district.

As a counselor he helps people live more effectively. As a consultant, he trains medical professionals in ways of delivering improved patient care through his program, Compassion In Action.

In 2001, Scott underwent extreme treatment for head and neck cancer. Surviving that, he radically refocused his attitude, his priorities and his energies, shaping his days to live joyfully and in meaningful ways. Art and writing and music continue to be part of that. His poetry is visually rich. His drawings and paintings are poetic. And the music he plays on multiple instruments ranges from blues to bluegrass.

Along with private and corporate collections across the country, Scott’s artwork has hung in the U.S. Embassy residences in Geneva and Moscow as part of the State Department’s Art In Embassies program. His self-published collection of poetry, In Brazos River Country, is a soulful celebration of life and his longtime love of the river and the Texas outdoors.

“My life is a fluid and always-moving balance of service and wonder and discovery,” he says. “It’s a sacred dance in which I’m constantly asking what matters in the moment.”

In 2015, Scott began publishing a brief online newsletter, The Two Minute Embrace. Two years later, while on a personal retreat in New Mexico, a friend suggested that he expand his newsletters and record them as podcasts. With an on-air background in both radio and television, the shift was a seamless one. A week later, The Beautiful Question weekly podcasts were born.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to have a number of wise and heartful people guide and inspire,” he says. “To pay it forward, I want to share with others what has been offered to me. One of my favorite questions will always be, ‘How may I serve you?’ The Beautiful Question newsletters and podcasts help me do that.”

Scott lives in Fort Worth with his ranch dog, Cowboy, and is working on the follow up to his first novel, The Flame Keeper, for which he is seeking representation and publishing.

Photo by Gary Logan