No Permission Needed

Without apology and without editing or holding back, what do you know to be true about your most essential self—what do you know about the things in you that never change?

Lessons from a Feather and a Teacup

Are you ready to release some of your preconceptions today, or at the very least, are you willing to consider them for what they are?

Worth Spreading

What, if anything, are you doing to block yourself from being a little kinder or from accepting the kindness of others?

What is Personal Authenticity?

In what specific ways might you slow down and engage with yourself as openly and authentically as you would engage with someone you love or care about?

He Kept His Word

If you’re willing to make a singular promise to yourself during this time of uncertainty and sweeping changes, what will it be and how will you keep it in place?

Get Closer

What will happen when you “get closer” to yourself and to the things that really matter in your life and in your day?

A Blessing for You

If you were to write a blessing to yourself that you would read every day, a blessing that would lift and inspire you, what grace and wisdom and hope would you offer?

Fully Alive

In what ways can you bring kindness, ferocity, and sensibility to your decision to be vitally present— your decision to be fully alive right now?

Toward the Common Good

If you were to choose one intention, one elegant decision that helps you lean into the greater good, one action or set of actions that have at least the potential to create a bit of heaven right where you are, what will it be, and how and when will you put it into place?

Starting Over

As the author and editor and publisher of your own daily life script, what new guiding principles can you put into place that will help you live more effectively and in more balanced ways?