The Beautiful Question with Scott Lennox

Inspiring people to fully engage with life from the wholeness within them.

Founder and host of The Beautiful Question, Scott Lennox is a licensed counselor in private practice, providing tele-counseling for people in Texas.

He is passionate about helping people find the best within themselves. His poetry and other writing are often featured in these podcasts.


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Staying Calm in the Face of it All

What can you do this week, perhaps over and over, to allow yourself to return to being physically, mentally, and emotionally relaxed as you go through your days?

Because I Choose To

What single choice, if you made it today, would make a positive difference in the ways you engage with yourself and with those around you?

Flights of Fancy

What rich stories do you carry in your mind
and heart, and how do they shape the way you see the world and move through it?