Blessings For You

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It continually amazes me how good questions lead so naturally to good answers, and how beautiful questions lead to even better answers! When we open ourselves to the things we don’t know, we’ve opened the doors to discovery and wonder and greater understanding.

I’m Scott Lennox and you’re listening to The Beautiful Question, a consideration of things that matter every day.

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There is no doubt that the pressures and stressors of daily life can take a toll on us at times.

In light of that, may this week’s podcast be a gift to you in ways that lift and inspire and encourage you.

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Briefer than others, this week’s offering comes in the form of a blessing in the ways my Celtic ancestors might have spoken them.

For the next few moments, imagine someone kind and generous and altogether supportive—someone who truly knows you—whispering words of blessing intended just for you.

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“Trinity River Sunrise,” Robin Manresa.


May you know and embrace yourself as the infinite being you are.
May you know the freedom of accepting yourself and others without judgment.
May the love you give come back to you multiplied.

May the words you speak to yourself and others reflect the truth.
May you be open to learning and growing every day.
May you be fearless in your exploration.

May curiosity and wonder be two of your guiding stars.
May you face the world with the innocence of a child and the wisdom of a sage.
May what you learn bring you ever greater clarity.

May you give yourself the gift of releasing all the things you have needlessly carried.
May that release, whether all at once or gradual, lighten you and make you increasingly buoyant.
May your lightness draw others to you and healthy ways.

May balance and flexibility be yours, more and more.
May you quickly rise again when you stumble as you surely will.
May your steps be sure and the path be clear ahead of you.

May you know the joy and reassurance of true friendship.
May laughter lift you and fill you to overflowing, again and again.
May you know contentment more deeply than you ever have.

May you see what lies beneath the surface of things.
May your insights bring you greater wisdom.
May may joy arise in you in surprising ways.

And as you take each step, day by day, may you walk in the confidence that you are the right person, in the right place, and right on time.

[ brief pause ]

In keeping with what you have just read, this week’s Beautiful Questions are brief, yet significant.

Question One: Are you willing to read and re-read these blessings as though they were written for just you?

Question Two: Having heard them, are you willing to accept the love that is behind each of them?

Question Three: Are there blessings you’re willing to offer to yourself and others, and how will you speak or write them?

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After pondering these questions for a while, write and tell me what arose from your consideration. I’d love to know.

As I say each time,
My Light with Your Light!

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I’m happy we can engage this way as we consider things that matter and what to do about them. If nothing else, I hope you feel inspired to look more deeply at ways of caring for yourself.

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I’m Scott Lennox, and this has been The Beautiful Question.

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The Beautiful Question is a One Light production, written, produced, and engineered by Scott Lennox at HeartRock Studios in Fort Worth, Texas, as a way of paying forward to life, being fully present, becoming better engaged with things that truly matter in a complex world, and committing to a healthier future for all of us.

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